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Our Services

At Enma Properties, we provide a wide range of real estate solutions such as property buying, selling, renting, leasing as well as supervising and managing your property covering both residential and commercial.

    Buying Properties

    Whether you are looking to invest in properties or simply looking for your dream home, we will help you find the property that fulfills your needs. Having a one-to-one session with you is essential to understand what you are looking for and what is the desired budget spent, and accordingly providing you with information and advising you with the best possible options to go with.

    Once there is a clear understanding of the requirement, we will be preparing the necessary documents and papers work such as the buying request form and get it dually signed, and off we go. The agent will then prepare a list of properties and will schedule an appointment with you to visit the properties matching the requirements and budget.

    Selling Properties

    Selling property is a lengthy procedure that requires spending time and efforts, especially if you are trying to get the best possible price for your property. In order to make the right decision, you would also need an over all knowledge of the market values and industry trends. At Enma Properties, we can extend our services and marketing solutions to help you get the best possible value for your property while ensuring the property gets sold in the shortest period of time.

    Our diverse marketing channels will ensure that your property is getting the maximum number of exposures not only within the UAE, but we rather cross the borders reaching out to all potential buyers.

    We spend quality time meeting potential buyers presenting them with your property, arranging with them to view your property, and handling all related paper work and registration procedure.

    Property Investment Consultancy

    In order to invest in the real estate industry and grantee high returns, you will need to have a deep understanding of the market values and the industry trends. With our knowledge and background, which is a result of accumulated experiences over time, we will help you make the right strategic investment decisions which will guarantee you a higher ROI with minimum or no risk involved.

    Renting & Leasing Solutions

    Whether you are looking for renting or leasing, our consultants will offer the right solution for you. With the large number of clients and the high exposure to the market, Enma Properties will provide you with a quick and headache free solution to cater to your needs.

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    Property Supervision and Management Solutions

    If you are considering managing your own property, you need to ensure that you are always accessible and up to date with the real estate industry. You need to be aware of both the tenant’s and your rights as a landlord in order to avoid being involved in legal issues. In order to keep your property’s value high, you would also need to have background on building maintenance and condition. You need to be aware of market values and industry trends. Unless you have all of the above, it would be for your interest to utilize a specialized property management company to handle all your property affairs.

We will free your time so you can focus on your business

Enma Properties offers a wide range of supervision and management solutions. Our property management consultants are experts in managing all types of properties. They will ensure that the handover process in done smoothly and seamlessly and they get into business.

We manage it as you would do

We offer a complete pack of solutions catering to your needs. Updating you frequently with reports and indicators will allow you to have a full overview of your property as if you are managing it yourself.

Some of the options we offer:

    Rental Affairs Looking after rents related duties such as searching for tenants, arranging property viewing, negotiating terms and conditions with prospect tenants, processing an applicant, issuing and attesting tenancy contracts, inspecting property/unit condition, arranging for maintenance works if required, collecting and depositing checks, following up on late payments. We do also provide services such as registering your property in Real Estate Regulatory Authorities whenever required and updating their systems with the tenancy contracts details.

    Marketing and advertising solutions: Utilizing our marketing and advertising solutions to ensure your property is always occupied.

    Property Reporting: Frequent property reporting which includes tenants information, rentals, financial statement, expense reports, occupancy rate and none occupied units, maintenance contracts summary report and related property details.

    Sales & Customer Service: We will act as the main contact for all tenants as well as local authorities and maintenance companies, addressing their concerns, and providing related information.

    Maintenance Contracts: Managing the contracts, following up on maintenance schedules and related maintenance jobs, renewing maintenance contracts

    Property Condition Reporting: Providing reports on property condition and necessary maintenance & repair jobs required in order to keep the property’s condition at its best.

    Real Estate Rules & Regulations Consultancy: Providing legal consultation related to tenancy agreements and real estate regulations and as much as possible avoiding certain risks such violations which will result in putting your property and finances at risk by not knowing rules and regulations.

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